In yourself 

 In your life 

 In how you touch the lives of others

My name is Paul Courtney Clarke creator of Seeding Synthesis Coaching. I offer Life Coaching and Coaching for Leadership in person and online.

Are you facing challenges that feel overwhelming?
Are you feeling the itch of unfulfilled ambitions?
What weighs heavy on you? What lights you up?
What goals could you set that would seed change in your life?

And for leaders, what changes in your self can help you support and spark change in the systems you lead?

The depth of Paul’s work impressed me immensely. Sometimes a single question from him opened new vistas for me, and revealed options I hadn’t considered. I felt deeply heard, a precious resource in our hurried times.

Margarita Steinburg

ByHeart Coaching

Hear more about Margarita Steinberg’s experience of my Life and Leadership Coaching in “My Coaching Journey”– a testimonial in the form of six short videos. Here’s the first. Click here to listen to the rest.

In these challenging times , are you looking to grow your qualities as a leader or influencer, in roles that fulfil you and touch the world?

Over six sessions Paul helped me to “simplify” my multiple goals and complicated agendas. I became aware that, rather than competing, the “doing” and “being” sides of my personality were in fact complementary and necessary. The coaching helped me to accept myself more fully.

Peter Stewart

Resource Economist Ltd

What I Offer

Like all coaches I offer a space that invites you to identify and achieve personal and / or leadership goals through an arc of one to one sessions, usually 6, over an agreed timeframe.

As a qualified Psychosynthesis Coach I invite a deeper level of enquiry than just ‘problem solving’. I help you to clarify your goals, but also help you nourish and enrich the soil in which they take root.

The session today … felt deep and epic! You have a rare gift for creating a safe and nurturing space but with enough gentle challenge to really go places internally which in turn changes the external lay of the land.

Nina Bambrey

Whispering Woods

My sessions create space for you to drop deeper into yourself. And from there sense into what’s wanting to emerge and what’s in the way.

Coaching that reaches to the depths of healing is a rare blessing – and if you’re looking for a guide who will help you tackle the practical and access the deeply felt, then Paul has the clarity and the depth.

Margarita Steinberg

ByHeart Coaching