A Deeper Coaching with Paul Courtney Clarke

Through my Coaching I help individuals to create changes in themselves, in their lives and in how they touch the lives of others. Like all coaches I offer a space that invites you to identify and achieve personal goals through a series of one to one sessions (usually 6 - currently on Zoom) over an agreed timeframe. As a qualified Psychosynthesis Coach I create space for a deeper level of enquiry than 'problem solving'. Our sessions will support you to know yourself better, grow your awareness and intuition, sense into what's wanting to emerge and what's in the way.

I offer: 

LIFE COACHING - between now and six months time a deep supported space for you to identify and work towards change in your life. £50 per hour

COACHING FOR LEADERS - For Leaders that extends into the systems you are part of - what is wanting to emerge and what is in the way. From £100 per hour

COACHING FOR CHANGE AGENTS - Are you wanting to rise to the challenge of these tumultuous times by aiding a positive transformation to a more authentic and integrated world? A deep space to align your self-growth with your intention and mission. Contact me to discuss context and fee.

Alongside my psychosynthesis training I draw on both my own long journey of personal development with exceptional teachers, and my extensive experience of transformative leadership within and between organisations.

Website coming soon.

While awaiting the website you can learn more at Facebook @SeedingSynthesisCoaching

And can contact me direct to ask a question or to arrange a conversation on: