I am a qualified Psychosynthesis Coach with extensive experience of transformative leadership, who has also undertaken a rich journey of self growth with exceptional teachers.



As a Life Coach I create a safe and supportive space for you to explore what you would like to change in your life. My role is to listen, witness, ask questions, and reflect back to you what I hear and see. I’ve learnt how having your ‘being’ reflected back to yourself can give you a deeper understanding of what is unfolding within you moment by moment.  And that can help unlock your inner wisdom and a wider awareness of what’s emerging in your life. From that place the changes you make can be deep rooted and aligned.

“Paul’s coaching has helped me to accept myself more fully,  I became aware that, rather than competing, the “doing” and “being” sides of my personality were in fact complementary and necessary”. 
Peter Stewart



For my Leadership Coaching all the above also holds true, and as well as helping you to gain a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in you moment by moment, I help you reflect on the  dynamics between you and the ‘system’ of people within which you lead, and explore with you what you bring to that system, what you want from the system, and what you want for the system.

As well as reflecting back to you and helping you to unlock your own inner wisdom, I also draw on my extensive experience of leading transformation in organisations and communities (small and large) the better to realise their systemic strengths and potential, and on my knowledge of the wide spectrum of approaches to and ‘wisdoms’ around Leadership and systemic change. 

Alongside ‘Leadership’ my approach adapts to other roles that can be catalysts for and/or a resource to sustain positive change within organisations, communities and other systems. A networker, a researcher, a motivator, a communicator, an organiser, a campaigner or a publicist can all have a profound influence on, and help seed transformation within an organisation or any other form of human system in the world.

For leaders and others wanting to rise to the challenge of these tumultuous times by aiding the transformation to a more authentic and integrated world, I’ve a particular interest in offering coaching that creates space for aligning your self-growth with your intention and mission.

“Paul’s insight into the complex topic of leadership clearly draws on decades of personal experience and conviction”. 
Margarita Steinburg

I have a track record in my career of developing and leading innovative and collaborative organisations and partnerships. I believe that each of us finding our own unique synthesis at the level of self, and the transformation of the human systems we are part of, go hand in hand, and that both are essential in seeding the future we want for ourselves and the world. Hence the name of my practice – Seeding Synthesis.

Interested in Seeding Synthesis Coaching? Here’s how to find out more.

For organisations wishing to commission leadership and corporate coaching or mentoring, please contact me  and we can discuss what suits your organisation best.

For individual 1 to 1 sessions:

1) Book a quick no-obligation call, and we can have a chat of up to 15 minutes to see if we’re a good match. All calls and appointments are confidential. Book here.

2) If we’re both happy to move ahead with an arc of coaching sessions (usually 6), then we’ll schedule your first appointment. For each appointment, you’ll have my undivided attention for 1 hour.


Depending on your location, your sessions can be conducted

  • in-person face to face if living in Nottinghamshire, Sheffield, or on an occasional basis in Bristol and Cardiff
  • online video conferencing

Coaching over video works amazingly well, even without an initial in-person meeting.


My core practice hours are weekdays (Monday – Friday) 9am to 6pm.

Coaching sessions are also available during weekday evenings and weekends, by arrangement.

How Often?

Typically, Coaching sessions happen monthly, but if you are better served by more or less frequent sessions this can be arranged. For example:

If you’re going through an intense period or handling a fast-paced transition, fortnightly sessions may work better.

If you’re in a longer-term period of transition and prefer to have time to absorb the impact of each conversation, monthly or even six-weekly might suit you.

Other varied patterns are also possible.

How Much?

My usual prices for Individual coaching sessions are as follows:

Life Coaching – £50 per 1 hour session.

Leadership Coaching – sliding scale rising from £90 per 1 hr session depending on the circumstances and resources of the coachee.

Coaching programmes normally consist of an arc of 6 sessions.

All the above can be discussed in our introductory chat which you can book here.