The depth of Paul’s work impressed me immensely. Sometimes a single question from him opened new vistas for me, and revealed options I hadn’t considered. I felt deeply heard, a precious resource in our hurried times.

Margarita Steinburg

ByHeart Coaching

The session today … felt deep and epic! You have a rare gift for creating a safe and nurturing space but with enough gentle challenge to really go places internally which in turn changes the external lay of the land.

Nina Bambrey

Whispering Woods

Over six sessions Paul helped me to “simplify” my multiple goals and complicated agendas. I became aware that, rather than competing, the “doing” and “being” sides of my personality were in fact complementary and necessary. The coaching helped me to accept myself more fully.

Peter Stewart

Resource Economist Ltd

Coaching that reaches to the depths of healing is a rare blessing – and if you’re looking for a guide who will help you tackle the practical and access the deeply felt, then Paul has the clarity and the depth.

Margarita Steinberg

ByHeart Coaching

Paul’s deep listening, thoughtful questions and encouragement of me to speak my truth, led to a huge awakening.

I’ve since felt more self-aware, able to articulate my feelings, and properly anchor myself into my body. I’ve a new appreciation of what work-life balance looks and feels like for me. I am figuring out my version of success. It’s not the traditional version.

I’ve experienced coaching before, this felt different, in that the focus was the whole of me and my life rather than just one part of it. If you are reading this because you are considering working with Paul, all I can say is – DO IT. I couldn’t recommend him any more highly.

Sarah Jane Maxwell

Wealth Coach